About US

Future-Sec founded in 2015, made up of a bunch of fresh blood after the dream; engage in realistic security technology research, and publish research results to the public on a regular basis and practical security tool, main areas of research: intelligent home, financial security, mobile security, Internet browser security, automated security scanning technology, data analysis, next-generation security and so on. Team is also committed to submit to every Internet company services and software vulnerabilities, and gain thank the large vendors such as Microsoft, Tencent, Oracle. Our vision: every information security guards in their personal life on Earth.


  1. Foxmail邮件客户端远程命令执行漏洞
  2. 酷狗PC客户端远程JS代码注入漏洞(影响全国酷狗用户可挂马)
  3. 115浏览器设计缺陷可导致远程窃取用户系统上的任意文件
  4. 一个可大规模隐蔽窃取百度账号密码的漏洞(无需点击全线产品)
  5. Opera and Opera Mail远程命令执行漏洞
  6. 国内银行getshell专辑